Union Jack + The Mighty Dollar Machine + Gutter Romance

Union Jack „Bad Ska“ aus Paris

Für alle Freunde von „nasalen Punkrock“ der Marke Rancid,
Transplants, Leftöver Crack, Choking Victim & Co.
mixed with a little bit Specials, Clash & Ruts!

Angry, elaborate and percussive, Union Jack have been spreading their rock & roll, punk and Ska influences since 1997. This singular combination, refined along the years, results in the trio’s unique and original sound, a journey between catchy melodies and dissonances. Since its beginnings, the band has been active in the underground scene and keeps on extending its network, playing shows in Canada, France and Europe.This solid scenic experience brought them to share stage with UK Subs, The Damned, Anti Flag, Subhumans or The Aggrolites. Armed with its new album, Union Jack continues to expand and spread its message


The Might Dollar Machine

Punkrock aus Berlin


Gutter Romance

Having rocked the shit hard with our punk band Tungsten Tips for the last few years, we decided to throw together a few tunes and venture into the stripped down, and slightly more daunting world of acoustic shenanigans.
Imagine a cocktail of beer, Ramones chords, lyrics about the best parts of the shit things in life and a general lack of musical precision and that, my friend, is Gutter Romance.


Union Jack + The Mighty Dollar Machine + Gutter Romance