Stone House On Fire + Samavayo + CALIMA

Brasilianischer Stonerrock trifft potsdamer Postrock.

Am 20.04 öffnet sich die Pforte des Archiv Potsdam. Unsere Freunde von Stone House On Fire (BRA) spielen ihre Europatour und stellen ihre neuste Scheibe „Neverending Cycle“ vor. Dabei machen sie auch einen Zwischenstopp in Potsdam. Feinster Stoner from Brazil.

Supportet werden Sie von den Jungs von CALIMA (GER). Gegründet 2016 starten die Jungs von Potsdam aus in den Jungel der Clubs. Atmosphärischer Postrock und fette Riffs.

Also packt die Mützen ein, denn da wirds ordentlich einen drauf geben.

Wir sehen uns



Stoner / Heavy Psych from Brazil, touring europe next spring to promote there latest album, Neverending Cycle (released on Europe by Electric Valley Records – Italy and H42 Records – Germany)
Stone House on Fire is influenced by the desert sounds and the late 60’s lysergic vibe, combining heavy tones, powerful riffs that go from fast to psychedelic, lots of octaved fuzz, creating an unique sound, ready to blow some ears. Also, the energetic and daring live performances create unpredictable, explosive and mind blowing experiences.


After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city was open, letting in cultural influences from any foreign country. The capital city became a multi‐cultural melting pot where a singer from Teheran and two brothers from Berlin started making music. 500 live shows in Europe and overseas followed, including gigs in Brazil, Albania, Greece, Croatia and France. They will go on tour with there new abum “Dakota.“


Wall of sound of the 90s, Stoner Rock and Alternative Rock, bands like Kyuss, Monster Magnet, QOTSA, Tool, bands from the 70s like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath.


Calima is a german postrock band from potsdam. Founded in 2016 they are free to express themselves
without mind restrictions. The songs are influenced by sounds which disappear into paralyzing riffs.
Calima uses experiences of scrutinizing and reinterpreting the world and repack it into their songs and create a blend of heavy parts and atmospheric, psychedelic moods.

Stone House On Fire + Samavayo + CALIMA