SKASSAPUNKA born in Lainate, near Milan at the end of 2008.
This group of young students, ska-punk culture lovers, already romantic rebels, starts to play in schools, in squats and local festivals, adding, in a show based on cover, a first unreleased tracks.

In 2012, these tracks was fixed in the 1st self-made EP: “Purgamentum Dedecusque”, which allow the band to turning more, opening its horizon in the north-Italy musical underground.

In 2013 was released the 1st LP “Di-vento In-vento” produced by the indipendent label Dedolor Records, which was launched in a tour along all of Italy, up to calabrian coast of that year.

In 2014 with the entered to Kob Records rooster, SKASSAPUNKA start to perform even abroad, mainly in Swiss and Deutschland.

In association with Kob Records, in March of 2015 they produced its 2nd LP: “Il Gioco del Silenzio” (in which appear Enrico from „Los Fastidios“ and Dema from „Talco“) with a full tour dates in Italy, Deutschland and Swiss.

In February of 2016, they come out with a new single: “We want to dance ska”, that gave name at the new Europe tour.

In 2016 there is a significant change in the band, which concluded the tour and at the same time prepared the new album, „RUDES AGAINST“, out on February 1, 2017 (with the participation of Cippa from „Punkreas“, Simone from „NH3“ and Teo from „Rootical Foundation“) which follows the new „RUDES AGAINST TOUR“