210 + Kompressor + C4Service

210 is an Antifascist hardcore band from Moscow, Russia.

Formed in 2009 by the members of such bands as Razor Bois, Old Style Values, Feeding The Fire and Maskit, 210 soon became the voice of the militant Antifascist scene in Russia. The band was named after the infamous Law #210 of a Russian Criminal Code which the authorities usually employ to prosecute Antifascist activists. One of the core principles of the band was to use its music to collect funds in support of jailed Antifascists and the victims of Nazi attacks.

The band developed its own style of aggressive skinhead hardcore with angry lyrics dedicated to Antifascist struggle, working class pride, street fights, rugby, football, martial arts and unity. The straightforward message of 210 gained it many enemies, especially among Neo-Nazis who attempted to physically attack the band numerous times. But despite all the problems with the authorities and boneheads the position of the band still remains the same: strong opposition to any forms of fascism and discrimination and call for international freindship!




Kompressor! The name is the game when it comes to the four Lads from Ibbenbüren and Münster. This is Kompressor that will blow you away!

The musical content is centred around profound thoughts involving drinking, party, Motorbike riding and all the other Punk Rock cliches you can think of and the deep and “ Oh god I drank too much last night” voice serves this cliché down to a tee.

Scurvy Hardcore Riffs and choruses where you can’t help but scream to the theme and those background singers with their angel like roar round up the harmony. Sounds that go right in your ear and spill your beer, You want a party? We’ll give you a party!



Harcore Punk from Münster


210 + Kompressor + C4Service